Northern Hiatus

I’m taking a little hiatus from the Great White North to spend some time in parts of the country where spring really has sprung. I’m hoping the snow will be all gone and the lakes will have melted by the time I get back home!


for gardening gurus

Here is a quick log of what we have planted so far and when. Hopefully this will help us to (a) know what happens next and predict when these babies will be ready for transplanting and (b) plan better gardens in the future!

started on march 7, 2012

genovese basil

started on march 27, 2012

italian sweet pepper
red rocket
tangerine pimento
purple calabash (novelty tom)
cuatomate (small wild tomato)
gardener’s delight small cherry
nygous (novelty tom)
buckflats wonder (we already love this one because it was created in northern BC!)

a little synopsis re: our next steps:

  1. plant the rest of our “start early” seeds when we buy more trays
  2. transplant when seedlings have 2-3 sets of true leaves
  3. learn more about gardening

winter fire

In honour of St. Patrick’s day I convinced Linette to shovel lots of snow with me for a winter snow fire. It was one of my favourite northern evenings ever!

 Of course a winter fire is not complete without these classy redneck wine glasses and  delicious boxed copper moon shiraz…

you know it has been a long, cold winter when plus two feels balmy

That is what Linette told me the other day. And the sure fire signs that spring is coming are out: the sun shines longer, I am dressing in lighter layers, and despite our still frequent snowfalls, I can guarantee that the snow pack is slowly but surely melting. However, that said, I should be honest and note that I traded my down jacket for a t-shirt earlier this week and my arms are still kind of cold. With spring in our hearts and a nasty case of the after-work-blues, Linette and I went for a little “let’s find spring” walk this afternoon and found a few promising signs that spring might actually make it this far north.

While on our walk we just had to stop and check on the green house, of course. At this point the doors are still barricaded by 2+ feet of snow and if you look carefully you can see that Linette is standing at doorknob height…

However, I have every reason to believe that in three weeks we will be readying our seedlings (that’s right, they popped through!) for their new home in the sunny, warm, not snow barricaded green house. Well it might be a little longer than that…

Planting Seeds









We’ve placed them in a south-facing window, are watering diligently, and can’t wait for our first little plants to peak through the soil.

On a different note, Jess and I saw our first northern lights last night! I have never been so in awe. This natural phenomenon is one that I’ve waited my whole life to experience. I pulled on my warm coat and snow pants and just sat in my driveway for half an hour. It’s going to be a long time before I forget the thrill and open-mouthed wonder of last night.

vinegar finish

I have to admit that the vinegar/SOS pad finished spa bench doesn’t look quite like I imagined that it would. Despite the fact that it was super easy, the smell of vinegar really drove me bonkers. I am fairly certain that once I can stand the smell of vinegar again I will do another coat or two to make the transition a little more apparent.

However, when I took these photos I was amazed at the distressed detail and rich colour that my camera captured. If I could just make it look the same in real life…