This was my first memory of 2013 – well, my first daylight, lucid memory of 2013. I can’t say enough how much I love snowy mountains and I was so fortunate to ring in the new year with a wonderful group of friends right in the middle of some of BC’s prettiest landscape.

I had hoped to make my way up to Burns Lake for New Years, to celebrate the start of 2013 with friends that I miss dearly, in a town I sometimes wonder why I chose to leave. But instead I spent the holiday with old and new friends in a cramped rustic cabin next to a mostly-frozen lake. I’d say it was at least as good a celebration as going to BL.

Of course, this is the time of year for reflections and resolutions. I don’t have a coherent list of goals to share, but I am looking forward to what this year will bring. Some hopes and dreams include new friendships, a community garden in my backyard, grad school, travel, more knitting and more blogging, to name a few.

Jess and I are reaching one year of living the (Northern) Simple Life and it’s been a fun journey so far. Stick with us in the new year!


Birthday Musubi

Our Hawaiian friends introduced us to the tastiest Hawaiian delicacy (if you can call something featuring spam as the main ingredient a delicacy???) during university and Cam has been smitten ever since. Who needs cake when you have these?



friday night dinners

One of my most favourite traditions in Burns Lake is our epic friday night dinner party. The tradition began when I realized that when fridays rolled around I inevitably wanted an excuse to cook lots of fun, different food and eat a very late dinner. Soon, Cam and I started inviting folks over to sit around, drink some wine, eat some appies, and chit chat while cooking late into the night just about every friday.

While these dinners seem to reoccur on a weekly basis now, they still always start off as a bit of a surprise on friday afternoons. Yesterday at about 6 in the evening we decided to make stuffed burgers and Linette suggested making homemade buns for the 3 of us. This started us into a crazy, use stuff from the garden/make everything from scratch frenzy!

We used this amazing bun recipe:

Then we headed out to the greenhouse to pick chives and basil (for the burger stuffing) and lettuce.

We fried up some bacon

And blended our own mayo!

We stuffed the burgers with fresh herb and garlic cream cheese.

We cooked these up (along with some artisan tater-tots)

and enjoyed an amazing spread and wonderful company.

The results were obviously amazing and by the time dinner was on the table, 4 more friends showed up! Doesn’t get much better than that. When you come to visit be sure to include a friday night dinner in your plans!

fishing in the lakes district

You may or may not know that Northern BC is an incredibly beautiful area filled with many, many lakes and summer time is the time to take it all in. A few weeks ago, a handful of some my favourite people invited me along on a fishing expedition. We trolled tchesinkut lake for the afternoon and while I never caught anything (or even felt a bite), I certainly took in the scenery.
Of course, we had to take a little break! We found a nice stretch of beach, built a fire like true notherners, and roasted a few marshmellows before heading to the wagon wheel (a Burns Lake must) for lunch.

what happens when you don’t water your plants

I thought about calling this “what happens when you FORGET to water your plants”, but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. A few seasons back, my initial attempt at northern gardening never really took off and my family let me know that it was because I neglected to water as often as an authentic green thumb should. Sounds easy enough, but I had other things to do and watering the garden kind of fell off the plate. Lesson learned. So, naturally, when it came to this year’s carefully constructed gardening plans, I took to watering these plants like a good little mama: I checked their growth daily, I wondered whether the sun was hitting them in the right spot and I adjusted them often, I even thought about getting the hardening process started in the near future. Then suddenly the sun came out, the  temperature began to rise, and I got into adventuring rather than tending to my little sprouts.

While I frequently thought about watering them and never forgot about them per se, I certainly took a little break from caring. Oops! That said, I walked into this ugly scene today…

and this one too…

and another…

You will all be relieved to know that I watered them promptly and they were looking a little more lively later this evening. I am fairly certain the sturdy plants will make a full recovery; however, I guess I better take this a little more seriously!

alas, hibernation is over!

Confession time: when living in the lower mainland I never really considered the “season” of spring to be a truly legitimate season, likely because of the seamless transition between the two. In northern life, however, the transition from winter to summer is incredibly drawn out and can be somewhat depressing; but it is also a time that consistently reminds me that the snow will melt and summer, glorious summer, promises to appear. The transition is slow over all, but the daily signals are overwhelmingly exciting.

The sun now streams through my window at five in the morning and when evening rolls around, twilight turns to dusk at nine thirty!

With that in mind, instead of blogging, we have been  tilling the soil in the greenhouse, adventuring out later in the evening, and taking some time to sit on the dock and watch the ice melt.

Summer is coming!