I don’t know about you, but I love butter. On everything.

I was raised a rebel during the margarine revolution and am proud to say that I have never been tempted by that plastic, spreadable stuff. Instead, butter has always been my family’s staple when it comes to fats. In fact, I was telling Linette this morning that one thanksgiving my mom had my brothers and I try making butter together, you know, like they did at the very first thanksgiving. We were probably between the ages of 8 and 2. I think we got bored after shaking the mason jar for about 10 minutes and gave up. We probably left it lying around the house somewhere. I wonder if anyone ever found it…

In any case, when this new cookbook arrived in my mailbox with the instructions for (modern day) butter making, I was thrilled! This morning I decided to try Yvette’s recipe and perhaps supersede my childhood butter making experience, this time enlisting the help of the trusty kitchenaid. I will tell you that it turned out to be the most delicious butter ever. Rather than buying it, I think I might just keep making butter myself!

I started with this:

And used the kitchenaid to beat it into a scrambled egg like texture, which took a solid 15 minutes. Then I strained it, wrung out the whey, and “washed” it in an ice bath until the water turned clear, which took 3 tries. That should explain why I wasn’t able to take any pictures! Suddenly, I had this!

I got out a little parchment and formed it into something that actually looks like butter.



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