City Livin’

Where has the last month gone? I actually have no idea. But I promise, over the last few weeks, I have thought about this blog a lot. Having a blog titled “Northern Simple Life” really does encourage me to keep simple living on my mind. I have also been continually encouraged by a blog I’ve been following called The Year of Less – as I was going through all my things, deciding what to keep and what wasn’t important enough to take up room in my little blue Cobalt, this family’s commitment to living with intentionality has been incredibly inspiring.

I said my good-byes, packed up my things, drove to Vancouver, flew to Ontario, spent time with my wonderful family, flew back to Vancouver, and unpacked my things, all in the last three weeks. And now I’m settling into my new city life, surprised at the culture shock. There are so many people! And so many cars! And so many stores! And so many restaurants! I’d forgotten what it’s like. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of it all, yet I am determined to let my time and the things I learned from isolated small-town living inform how I live my life here in Vancouver. And this blog is going to keep me accountable.

So far:
– I don’t have a microwave
– I’m still knitting up a storm
– The basil plant I grew from seed in BL made it to my Vancouver windowsill
– I’m already planning my backyard garden for next spring
– I’m composting again!
– I bought a whole knew IKEA bedroom (Oh crap, that’s not simple living at all!)
– I roasted a whole bunch of local root veggies for dinner


One thought on “City Livin’

  1. Well Linette, I am glad you have taken something positive from your living here. You were certainly a great addition to our home. Poor Megan is a bit loney I believe. Oh and IKEA is sort of like grass roots living all wholesome and stuff so that doesn’t really count anyway! Wish you the best in finding a new road to travel, can’t wait to hear what it will be. Take care!

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