We have been talking about taking this day trip to Sibola for years. Due to the time it takes to get there, the long drive on rural dirt roads, and the alpine conditions, this adventure is best done during the summer or early fall. Due to all the planning that a person would have to do ahead of time, you might be able to tell why we haven’t quite accomplished this yet! However, we made official plans for this weekend, which turned out to be (in my opinion) the best time to go because the leaves are changing all around, creating the most beautiful scenery.

In an effort to prep for the trip I baked a lemon pound cake and fixed some hoagies and Cam packed up the truck. The drive took somewhere in the 3-4 hour range, but no one was really counting. We stopped for coffee and pound cake at a hunting cabin before making the ascent up the hill.

The climb up the mountain was all done in the truck, which the anti-hiker in me truly appreciated. We went looking for an old mine shaft when we finally got to the top, which we quickly located down a steep embankment below us. We climbed down (while praying that I wouldn’t start an avalanche) had a great time exploring the old railway tracks, the out buildings, and then they guys found the actual opening to the old mine. They were brave enough to go inside. I heeded the sign and watched from the safety of the entrance.

Once we conjured up an appetite, we climbed back to the top and perched on the edge of the mountain for lunch. Just before heading home for the day, we explored the top of the  mountain for awhile, which paid off when we saw the amazing, colourful streaks on Sibola.


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Jess Hart is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and the creator of Jess Hart Nutrition. She delights in sharing her love of whole-foods based nutrition with her community and believes that healthy eating should be simple, fun and delicious. Jess lives in Burns Lake, BC with her husband and sweet little girls. Be sure to follow Jess’ simple, delicious culinary adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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