Today Linette and I packed up our best picnic blankets, Chopper the Dog, and a tasty spread, then headed to the Southside for an adventure. We ended up in Wistaria. Doesn’t that word conjure up beautiful images of an almost mythical land? I imagined rainbows, summer cottages, white picket fences, and maybe even a few desperate housewives.

We drove about 20 minutes to the ferry landing (where we stopped for free coffees/doughnuts/coffee cake from the Wagon Wheel!) then took the 10 minute ferry to the Southside of Francois Lake. We drove another half hour, passing Wistaria Community Hall and then Wistaria Community Church, and stumbled upon Wistaria Provincial Park (thanks to our trusty Backroad Map Book). The road in looked remote, yet friendly, so we took the opportunity to stop for lunch. It was drizzling so we unfolded our blankets and unpacked our french bread, goat cheese, basil, and caramelized onions, plus perrier and shortbread cookies and took shelter under the truck’s canopy. We plotted about how we would protect ourselves should a rogue bear appear, all the while watching a storm blow in across Ootsa Lake.

On the ride home, we encountered herds of unruly cattle (how are you supposed to get them out of the road!?) and a giant black bear! With Linette’s impending move, we took the opportunity to debrief on life in the country vs. the city, share our thoughts on the future, and talk about our appreciation for taking little adventures together, especially when that adventure is a picnic in Wistaria.


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