Somehow it’s the end of August already. I remember when we were longing for spring, not believing the snow would ever melt, and suddenly here we are at the end of summer, with overnight temperatures creeping dangerously close to freezing, heralding the arrival of fall.

Last Sunday was my birthday and I was fortunate enough to get to share it with many new northern friends, as well as with friends and family around the country through good old snail mail. It was a good opportunity to stop and reflect on all the wonderful people who are a part of my life. Thank you!

While we’ve been neglecting the blog, we’ve been busy making big life changes and decisions. Jess got a big promotion at work, and in order to avoid her being my boss, I’ve decided it’s time to move back to my true love, Vancouver. (That’s a joke – my decision to move had nothing to do with Jess becoming my boss…)

I’ve appreciated every minute of my time in the north. I’ve learned and grown more in the last nine months than I think I ever have. Most notably, I’ve learned to live simpler and with more intention. As I plan to continue this way of living when I head back to “civilization,” we are hoping to continue this blog with gusto. So don’t stop visiting! We’ll have all sorts of adventures in deliberate living to share with you in the fall.


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