Summer Knitting Update

It probably doesn’t get mentioned enough: I love knitting. That means that even though the warm weather is finally here, my needles are still clicking. Here are a few of the things I’ve been working on lately.

I’ve been wanting to knit something with Noro yarn for a while. When I finally got my hands on some a few months ago, I knew some simple socks were in order. I may or may not have been procrastinating knitting Rob’s slippers when I knit these guys. Now I just have to wait for the cool weather to come back so I can get some serious use out of them.




Here are the above-mentioned slippers! My friend Rob commissioned these way back in April and I assured him they would be in the mail within a few weeks. The pattern was just so simple, I was sure I’d have them knit up in no time. Instead, the first try was too long and skinny and the second try was too short and fat. Third try was the charm, though, and I’m happy to report that Rob was pretty excited when I hand-delivered them a couple weekends ago. Unfortunately, we forgot to get some pics of him modeling them.


I started this stripey beach bag last summer and didn’t quite finish it. It’s still not completely done – a few ends to weave in, a good blocking, and maybe some fabric sewn inside – but I’m pretty happy with the outcome so far. Now to just finish it up and fill it with goodies for all the lakeside adventures we’ve been having!









And finally, my current favourite project: for the second summer in a row, I’ve joined the annual Stephen West Mystery Shawl KAL! Along with a few thousand other knitters on Ravelry, every week for a month I get the next clue in the pattern sent to my inbox. This is what I have so far, after a little more than a week of knitting. I’ll be sure to post the end results!


4 thoughts on “Summer Knitting Update

  1. These are incredible! So fun.
    I have a really cool story about knitting that will be of interest to you, but I can’t mention it here. See you on Facebook…

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