Going Hippie

Over the last few years I have become more and more skeptical of what’s in all the products I use on my skin every day. Just what is dimethiconol or butylene glycol? Is it really necessary to use this stuff to achieve silky-smooth, acne-free skin?

A few weeks ago I came across this article on the GOOD magazine website about making your own beauty products out of ingredients you can buy at your local health food and/or liquor store. (Unless, of course, your local health food store is closing, as mine is currently rumoured to be.) Anyway, as my facial skin was not exactly the clearest it could be and because I really do like knowing just exactly what is being absorbed into my skin, I decided to try out a few of her suggestions.










I’ve started washing my face with honey (it’s not sticky when your hands and face are already wet); toning with a concoction of vodka, tea tree oil, water, and grapefruit essential oil; and moisturizing with grapeseed oil. And I am happy to report positive results, so I’d suggest you give it a try too! Now if only I had an aloe plant to soothe my sunburn from too much time spent on party island today.


2 thoughts on “Going Hippie

    • Tragic, but true, Lauren. Just up and closed last Friday! Health Food store still open for now, but gone soon. I have no reason to stay here. (Wait, that last sentence was a little dramatic…)

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