First Swim of the Season!

Here’s grainy, cellphone pic proof that three of us jumped into the lake on Friday night. It was ridiculously cold, but oh-so worth it! A little hot-tubbing afterward definitely helped get the blood flowing again. And yes, we did jump in while wearing our clothes. And yes, that IS party island – the best blow-up toy ever invented. Get yourself to your nearest Costco – even if it is 2.5 hours away – and buy one!


Ladies’ Bingo!

Over a month ago my friend Carlie started talking about Ladies’ Bingo, an annual BL event that she hasn’t missed in the 8 years she’s lived here. A month is a long time to pump something up and by the time last Saturday night rolled around, I had really high expectations for my night at the Rod & Gun Club. I was not let down.Unlimited wine, appetizers, and desserts. And lots and lots of bingo! I commented early in the night that I was feeling lucky, but really, I never win anything. But tonight was different – of the 14 games we played, I won 4 of them! I went home with a wad of cash and Carlie bingo’d for the grand prize. All in all, an incredibly successful night!

friday night dinners

One of my most favourite traditions in Burns Lake is our epic friday night dinner party. The tradition began when I realized that when fridays rolled around I inevitably wanted an excuse to cook lots of fun, different food and eat a very late dinner. Soon, Cam and I started inviting folks over to sit around, drink some wine, eat some appies, and chit chat while cooking late into the night just about every friday.

While these dinners seem to reoccur on a weekly basis now, they still always start off as a bit of a surprise on friday afternoons. Yesterday at about 6 in the evening we decided to make stuffed burgers and Linette suggested making homemade buns for the 3 of us. This started us into a crazy, use stuff from the garden/make everything from scratch frenzy!

We used this amazing bun recipe:

Then we headed out to the greenhouse to pick chives and basil (for the burger stuffing) and lettuce.

We fried up some bacon

And blended our own mayo!

We stuffed the burgers with fresh herb and garlic cream cheese.

We cooked these up (along with some artisan tater-tots)

and enjoyed an amazing spread and wonderful company.

The results were obviously amazing and by the time dinner was on the table, 4 more friends showed up! Doesn’t get much better than that. When you come to visit be sure to include a friday night dinner in your plans!

fishing in the lakes district

You may or may not know that Northern BC is an incredibly beautiful area filled with many, many lakes and summer time is the time to take it all in. A few weeks ago, a handful of some my favourite people invited me along on a fishing expedition. We trolled tchesinkut lake for the afternoon and while I never caught anything (or even felt a bite), I certainly took in the scenery.
Of course, we had to take a little break! We found a nice stretch of beach, built a fire like true notherners, and roasted a few marshmellows before heading to the wagon wheel (a Burns Lake must) for lunch.


Summer arrived in the north a few weeks ago and with the onset of great weather, I traded traded blogging for gardening. Now that the gardens are blooming and the veggies are growing, I have a little more time to post! I am sure that all of you are anxiously waiting to hear about our greenhouse endeavors and I do not want to disappoint the masses. At long last, here is where we are at:

sweet peas




peppers & tomatoes


hanging tumbler tomatoes

carrots, lettuce, mint, basil, & cilantro (l-r)