A New Home

Since I moved to Burns Lake at the end of November last year, I’ve moved three times. I’ve also travelled out of the community for various family and friend events on five different occasions – in fact, I’m writing this post from my parents’ house in the tiny town of Otterville, ON. So, overall, my last five months have been a bit tumultuous.

But despite all that, I think once this current trip is over, I will be able to settle in for the summer. And at the beginning of April, I finally moved into the perfect place to do just that. I moved into a wonderful suite, below wonderful landlords, with huge windows and a beautiful view of Decker Lake. The photos are from the last couple of weeks, as I’ve been able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors right in my own front yard. A path that goes on for miles, the best swing set ever (is it just me who thinks some of life’s biggest and best conversations happen on swings?), and I’m even loving living next to a train track again.

Since I took the swing photo, the lake has completely thawed. It seemed to happen all at once. Last Friday there were huge chunks of ice (as pictured above) and on Saturday all of a sudden all of the ice was miraculously gone. Bring on days at the lake, evenings fishing off docks, and long walks along the tracks.


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