Dresser Revamp

When I first moved to Burns Lake almost 6 months ago, I moved into a tiny little house at the top of one of BL’s steep avenues. I somehow survived super, extra cold temperatures in that house, and then gladly moved out in February. But I did take one thing with me – this dresser:

I gave it a coat of paint and then proceeded to use it until the bottoms of three of the drawers fell out and it was basically useless. Until this weekend.

We had wonderful spring weather on Saturday, so I decided to take advantage of it and hauled the old dresser onto my patio. I bought a piece of pine to use as a shelf and refreshed the paint and got a wee-bit of a suntan and ta-da!

I have a brand-new shelf to house my yarn and blankets!


Music for Spring and Sunshine

I made a little playlist of springy music to go along with the sunshine and warmth May has brought. Well, except for today, when I saw snow on two different occasions. But here’s to hoping that lovely warmth will be back tomorrow.

A New Home

Since I moved to Burns Lake at the end of November last year, I’ve moved three times. I’ve also travelled out of the community for various family and friend events on five different occasions – in fact, I’m writing this post from my parents’ house in the tiny town of Otterville, ON. So, overall, my last five months have been a bit tumultuous.

But despite all that, I think once this current trip is over, I will be able to settle in for the summer. And at the beginning of April, I finally moved into the perfect place to do just that. I moved into a wonderful suite, below wonderful landlords, with huge windows and a beautiful view of Decker Lake. The photos are from the last couple of weeks, as I’ve been able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors right in my own front yard. A path that goes on for miles, the best swing set ever (is it just me who thinks some of life’s biggest and best conversations happen on swings?), and I’m even loving living next to a train track again.

Since I took the swing photo, the lake has completely thawed. It seemed to happen all at once. Last Friday there were huge chunks of ice (as pictured above) and on Saturday all of a sudden all of the ice was miraculously gone. Bring on days at the lake, evenings fishing off docks, and long walks along the tracks.

what happens when you don’t water your plants

I thought about calling this “what happens when you FORGET to water your plants”, but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. A few seasons back, my initial attempt at northern gardening never really took off and my family let me know that it was because I neglected to water as often as an authentic green thumb should. Sounds easy enough, but I had other things to do and watering the garden kind of fell off the plate. Lesson learned. So, naturally, when it came to this year’s carefully constructed gardening plans, I took to watering these plants like a good little mama: I checked their growth daily, I wondered whether the sun was hitting them in the right spot and I adjusted them often, I even thought about getting the hardening process started in the near future. Then suddenly the sun came out, the ┬átemperature began to rise, and I got into adventuring rather than tending to my little sprouts.

While I frequently thought about watering them and never forgot about them per se, I certainly took a little break from caring. Oops! That said, I walked into this ugly scene today…

and this one too…

and another…

You will all be relieved to know that I watered them promptly and they were looking a little more lively later this evening. I am fairly certain the sturdy plants will make a full recovery; however, I guess I better take this a little more seriously!