alas, hibernation is over!

Confession time: when living in the lower mainland I never really considered the “season” of spring to be a truly legitimate season, likely because of the seamless transition between the two. In northern life, however, the transition from winter to summer is incredibly drawn out and can be somewhat depressing; but it is also a time that consistently reminds me that the snow will melt and summer, glorious summer, promises to appear. The transition is slow over all, but the daily signals are overwhelmingly exciting.

The sun now streams through my window at five in the morning and when evening rolls around, twilight turns to dusk at nine thirty!

With that in mind, instead of blogging, we have been  tilling the soil in the greenhouse, adventuring out later in the evening, and taking some time to sit on the dock and watch the ice melt.

Summer is coming!

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About Jess

Jess Hart is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and the creator of Jess Hart Nutrition. She delights in sharing her love of whole-foods based nutrition with her community and believes that healthy eating should be simple, fun and delicious. Jess lives in Burns Lake, BC with her husband and sweet little girls. Be sure to follow Jess’ simple, delicious culinary adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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