so i built this “spa bench”…

Some of you may know that I secretly harbor a burning passion for carpentry. About two years ago I was feeling cramped in my small living quarters and bored of the winter so I turned to Ana White for inspiration. What I should note here is that at the time I was living in a TINY basement suite with my brand new husband. We rented this suite in the dead of winter before realizing that it only had one window and some pretty crazy landlords. In any case, it was around ten in the evening (probably much to the chagrin of those crazies upstairs) when I decided to hammer this cute little thing together in my living room (which also served as the dining room/kitchen/family room…you get the picture).

To this day, I have carted it around, from the Lower Mainland to Northern BC, just loving the design and utility, but waiting for the day when I would feel like finishing it. Strange enough, I think that day might be coming tomorrow!

I did some internet creeping and found out that apparently SOS pads and vinegar create some scientific reaction that can be used to stain unfinished wood. When I came home from work today I decided that I should begin the process with the hope of “painting” it tomorrow. So, I carted out my industrial sized bottle of vinegar…

and SOS pads (a gift from Betty, who taught me how to use them, of course)…

And combined the two in an old ice cream bucket. I keep watching and waiting for the explosive reaction but two hours in I am beginning to think that this reaction will be on the smaller scale of science experiment scales.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

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About Jess

Jess Hart is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and the creator of Jess Hart Nutrition. She delights in sharing her love of whole-foods based nutrition with her community and believes that healthy eating should be simple, fun and delicious. Jess lives in Burns Lake, BC with her husband and sweet little girls. Be sure to follow Jess’ simple, delicious culinary adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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