Look what came in the mail today…

 Jessica picked up something exciting at the post office today.

A fancy, biodegradable envelope full of little white envelopes full of…


Lots and lots of seeds!

In our excitement, Jess and I met at Home Hardware immediately after work to buy further supplies – soil, a flat of little pots for seedlings, gardening gloves, a trowel. When we got home and did some further research, we realized we shouldn’t be planting anything until mid-to-late March, but at least now we’re prepared!

*Jess took the pretty pictures on her lunch break today.*


5 thoughts on “Look what came in the mail today…

  1. I wondered…and thought wow these southern girls are really excited to plant (just after a giant snowfall I might add). I wish you two beauties great success in your planting adventure!

  2. So much fun! I should check out that seed company. Anything to not accidentally purchase monsanto seeds…

    Whoot! Garden Adventures!

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