A Skiing Weekend

Back in January, Jess, her mother-in-law, and I signed up for classic cross-country ski lessons. My one and only experience with the sport was a phys. ed. class when I was 12, so I didn’t have high expectations for myself. But Burns Lake has a fantastic ski club with lots of beautiful trails and with a long winter stretching ahead of us, we wanted to take full advantage.

During our first lesson we were told cross-country skiing is the best workout you can get, as it works so many muscles, plus elevates your heart rate. Three two-hour lessons later, we believed it. Each lesson was followed by a hearty meal and some serious couch time (handily enough, the latest season of The Bachelor started the same day as our first lesson).

This weekend we hit the trails again for a Saturday afternoon workout. There was a fresh falling of snow, the sun was peaking through, and it was just beautiful. I think it’s safe to say, that this is quickly turning into our favourite way to exercise. I went back to the club again this morning for refresher lesson, and three hours later, I’m beat! Truthfully, I’m not sure if my legs are going to work tomorrow. But all the fresh air and the extra tips were well worth it. Here’s to fun ways to get exercise!


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