Hello, my name is Jessica

Before I move into my introduction I want to state that while I do, in fact, have the ability to convince Linette that just about anything is a great idea, moving to Burns Lake was just as much her idea as it was mine. The first time she came to visit she was smitten with the romantic, small town life and professed that she was destined to move here at one point or another. Don’t you remember, Linette???

Me? I fell in love with a local back when we both lived in the city. I knew that he loved northern life and recalled thinking that if things got serious (and apparently they did) we would be moving to BL in the future. However, it wasn’t just his dream. As I recall from my 2nd grade studies, I have always loved pioneers. Plus, thanks to my Dad’s genes, I inherited a love for adventure and power outages, along with an infatuation for living without running water. Despite all my claims to adventure it should be noted that I grew up in the less than rural Seattle area…

In any case, while we definitely live with certain conveniences in Burns Lake, we do live in the middle of nowhere – 2 hours from the “northern capital” of Prince George, BC with a startling 80,000 northern folks – in an actual village of around 2,000 people. I have lived here for almost 2 years now and have learned to appreciate the long summer days and dark frigid winters, the necessity of a slower life, and most of all, the new hobbies that have emerged as a result of having time on your hands. In order to “make my dreams come true” I am fairly certain that I am establishing myself as some sort of modern pioneer by moving to the rural north, even though my husband assures me that even modern pioneers don’t use the internet. In any case, I love northern simple life and I hope that you will too.


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About Jess

Jess Hart is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and the creator of Jess Hart Nutrition. She delights in sharing her love of whole-foods based nutrition with her community and believes that healthy eating should be simple, fun and delicious. Jess lives in Burns Lake, BC with her husband and sweet little girls. Be sure to follow Jess’ simple, delicious culinary adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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